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We’re a local newsletter website covering Swiss Cottage and South Hampstead in London.

With a little blue sky thinking Swiss&South could become a multi-page paper newsletter delivered direct to all households in the area.

The funds aren’t available to make this possible just yet but as we are, Swiss&South is a portal to help you locate vital numbers and contacts in the area, provide a platform for local creativity, share happy news on local goings-on and of course navigate the area, whether you are new to Swiss&South or have lived here for years. There are always new things to discover!

This website is our virtual face of this, but a one-page newsletter is available once a month as a downloadable and printable pdf here so that you can hold it in your hand, share it with your children or anyone who may not have access to the internet. This is also vital to reach certain community members who may be vulnerable and isolated, and could make a huge difference. 2020 definitely reminded us of community more than ever.

Thank you to donors who made the launch possible, including:
Cara, Martin, CJ, Nicola, Marty, Simon, Agnes, Olga, Jack, Lauren, Lindsay
Raw Art Courses, RD, Nayra, Catherine, Penny, Adam & Bene, Daniel and Sita.

Katie Gosling

If you’d like to help you can do so by going to the donate page here.